Global ecosystem report 2020: Java text editors and IDEs

According to the latest poll, half of the Java developers use commercial editors for their programming needs. The other half of Java developers use free and inclusive editors and tools.

Commercial tooling is much cheaper now compared to the early days of computing and this could seem to be a barrier to newcomers to the field if it weren't for the equally capable free and inclusive tools.

50% of the developers that use free and inclusive tools, use Apache NetBeans. Apache NetBeans has a long history: an open source project most promoted by Sun Microsystems it continued under Oracle until it became a community driven project at Apache, starting 2016.

A surprising 5% use the popular vi and Emacs or the Windows based Notepad++.

The other 45% of the developers use solutions from Eclipse Foundation, which is another Java powerhouse just like Apache Software Foundation.

Considering the current trend for cost reductions, more companies and individuals will make the switch from expensive commercial solutions to free and inclusive tools. Once there, developers might appreciate the ability to actually contribute fixes and features to further improve the tools of their trade.